Busy parents often miss out on their child's day & development. Ease parents' concerns, cater to each child & save time for teachers! Revolutionize your school management & communication on our easy-to-use mobile and desktop app. Grow your community! Download on:



Teachers: broadcast class updates, create student reports, any time, anywhere.
Parents: know what's going on, see private photos of your child's day, on the go.
Principals: advertise with public posts, manage your classes, teachers, students.
Communicate with comments, likes and secure messaging. Simple, safe, social.

Schools + Parents + Students

Let's connect and grow together.


Who can access a child's profile and information?
We value safety and privacy. Aside from the parent, only the school principal and child's teacher(s) will be able to see the profile, updates and reports. 

How do schools sign up?
Principals, owners or admin staff can download the app, sign up and create a school profile. We will contact each school to confirm its eligibility and registration. Sign up early or refer other schools to get a discount!

How do parents sign up?
Parents directly get an invitation email or a school code from the school. Additional children can be linked by a special secure student code only teachers will be able to retrieve.

What platforms is Tami Edu available on?
It will be available on iOS (iPad, iPhone), Android and desktop web browsers!

What background or experience does Tami Edu have?
We come from a state of the art tech background in incorporating large systems, AI, localization, and collaborating with universities, research institutes and other organizations for future developments that you’ll benefit from! We have years of award-winning experience working with Ontario Ministry of Transportation, Bell Media, PanAm Games, CTV, CAA, 680 News, CP24, CityNews and other organizations. Our diverse background also shows our expertise and support for international students, different cultures, languages and ethnicities.

  • Broadcast or view instant multimedia updates on timelines
  • Set privacy - public, school-wide, class-wide, select individuals
  • Create or receive detailed private student reports
  • Choose preset or custom report templates
  • Fully searchable timelines and history
  • Add, edit, manage, view class, teacher and student profiles
  • Manage attendance records for teachers and students
  • Access contact, dietary, health, and other info on profiles
  • Public school website, profile and posts to social media
  • Calendars for the school, classes, teachers, and more
  • Receive notification reminders for calendar events
  • Send and search through direct private messages
  • Receive notifications for posts, reports, messages, comments
  • Premium database set up support services
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